Better standards for local shoppers driven by UK’s Top 100 independent shops benchmark


The 100 independent convenience stores doing most to serve local communities around the UK were unveiled by the Independent Achievers Academy today.

Selection of the Top 100 follows a rigorous mystery shopping programme across the UK using the IAA’s industry-leading benchmarks that measure the simple things that retailers can do to provide excellent service to shoppers.

Award winning retailers Julian and Jackie Taylor-Green, who run a Spar store in Lindford, Hampshire, acted as advisors to the programme this year to ensure that the 12 core principles in the benchmark really translated into a better deal for customers.

“Our customers really like the changes the IAA has helped us to make and the hundreds of independent retailers who took part in the Academy challenge this year are helping more and more people to trust their local store to have everything they need from a local shopping trip,” says Julian.

“The biggest benefit to any retailer is the challenge of the benchmarking process. You need to be really honest with yourself and every time you do it you will uncover new opportunities to move your business forward.”

Julie Duhra, who runs a Premier store in Telford, Shropshire, has benchmarked her business over the past four years.

“The ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ tips help me to improve my store. My favourite category this year was digital engagement because it highlighted one of my biggest areas to work on. I’ll give this more attention to help me bring more shoppers through my door,” says Julie.

“Whenever I visit a great local store I never cease to be amazed by how much stuff they make available for their local communities,” says Nick Shanagher, managing director of Newtrade.

“Every year since I co-founded the IAA we have worked with retailers to identify the simple things that they do consistently to keep ahead of demand. It is one of the reasons that local shops have survived and thrived against some of the best multiple retail competition in the world.
“These Top 100 stores are providing a great deal for their local communities and act as pace-setters for hundreds more independent stores around the UK that make a real difference to people’s daily lives. We are honoured to celebrate their success.”

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