Nothing beats face-to-face

If you want to know what retailers really think, you need to talk to them. The purpose of Newtrade Media’s events is to support retailers on the road to bigger profits and create spaces where meaningful conversations with suppliers can occur. This is your opportunity to get to grips with what keeps retailers up at night, then offer solutions based on your expertise and products.


Award ceremonies are fun, but the industry has plenty already. We decided to create something different. The IAA is a year-long training and development programme that helps retailers make measurable improvements to their stores by building close relationships with suppliers.

Free for retailers, but with a significant time commitment required, the IAA attracts business people who are serious about growth. As a programme partner, you’re built into the process to make sure there are valuable moments for you to reach retailers one-on-one and at scale.

Expected to grow to 0 retailers in next two years
0 % of retailers are more likely to do business with an IAA retailer
  • Charles Wilson told me four years ago food to go was the future,” said Mr Razzaq. “I took his word for it. Today, using loyalty schemes and AI in partnership with Velocity, I can predict the future for myself.

    Mo Razzaq Family Shopper, Blantyre
  • The IAA is a springboard for success. Take part and see for yourself

    Dave Hiscutt Londis Westham Road Weymouth

Discover what matters most to retailers and make connections you can’t find anywhere else. LSS is an annual networking event where retailers and suppliers come together. The programme includes product demonstrations, panel discussions and high-profile keynote speakers. It’s designed to make sure everyone returns to their businesses invigorated with an action plan to maximise profits.

“We invest in a lot of different things to get insight into the convenience market and the LSS delivered more insight than anything else we’ve invested in this year”

Ed Clapham
National account manager
Pernod Ricard UK

  • I’m really looking forward to LSS today because it creates open and honest conversations with our retailers. And this way we can really understand their opportunities and challenges within the market but also give our advice that’ll hopefully help them grow their sales.

  • What we’ve gained as JTI from being a sponsor of LSS over the years is really understanding directly what retailers feel about the category. And more important than that how we can help them as a key supplier.

  • We have our products in most stores in the UK but obviously we work from a distance. We go through wholesales to get to these people. We thought it would a great opportunity to speak to these quality retailers that are here today, really get to know their business and talk to them about ours.

  • At Pernod Ricard we’re really proud of our long-term sponsorship partners and Newtrade Media are one of those. They give as an opportunity to put our brands in the right place. The quality of their productions is really high, the events they put on are really great. They work for us and they work for Newtrade Media as well. It’s an ongoing partnership that we’re very proud of. While your events are of this quality and this scale we’ll be partners  so  keep doing what you’re doing.

  • The main reason I’m attending LSS today is to get more is to get more ideas about the current climate and how the businesses are doing.

  • There’s a lot of people here with experience. If I take one thing away from today—brilliant.

  • I’m a repeat attendee because you just get so much information. Flyers, talking to other retailers, it’s good for networking. And it’s just a nice atmosphere as well.

  • Definitely yes to coming back again. And why I came in the first place—to learn from other people in the same place as I am and to make sure I glean as much information from here as possible.

  • I believe suppliers want to work with retailers who want to work with them. I’ve just had a word with Mark from Pernod Ricard regarding the theatre experience. I want to work with them if they want to work with me. And I can only do that by coming here. If I wasn’t here I wouldn’t have known about it. I urge all the retailers to come here, experience the Local Shop Summit and gain something from it.

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