Shortcast series 2 Episode 5

 In Shortcast Series 2

In the fifth episode of this shortcast series, Editor of Better Wholsaling, Paul Hill, takes us through the impact Coronavirus has had on mental health and wellbeing, specifically on wholesale employees. Following an in-depth investigation, it was discovered that mental health and stress were two of the biggest factors contributing to staff absences within most industries, including wholesale. So what can be done to help wholesalers and their staff members maintain a healthy mindset and reduced stress levels?

Organisations such as the Federation of Wholesale Distributors support the Grocery Aid charity which endeavours to provide advice, support and financial assistance to all those within the sector. But are there opportunities for suppliers to be providing their own support as well? What can you be doing as a manufacturer/supplier to help wholesalers and their employees feel less stressed, supported and valued during this period?

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