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Do you want your next campaign to make a real impact? Newtrade Media has the ear of the most enterprising retailers in the country. More than 47,000 of them pay attention to the stories we break and the campaigns we run. We’ve earned their trust over 130 years of retail journalism. When you work with us, you can be sure they’re listening.


The power of print

The media landscape has changed but print is still a major force. The vast majority of independent retailers read one or more of our papers. Make sure your messages are there when they do.


Online all the time

Digital campaigns are flexible and fast with measurable results. Position your brand next to the latest retail news where it can be seen by industrious retailers who are actively seeking answers.


Not-your-average events

Nothing beats face-to-face. Use our events to build relationships with retailers interested in new products and ideas. Gain a better understanding of their businesses and collaborate closely for mutual benefit.


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Newtrade inspires and supports the causes and advancement of the independent retail and wholesale channel. We share knowledge, nurture relationships and deliver creative solutions that drive standards and results.