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Shortcast series

Newtrade Media has launched a series of bite-sized podcasts, designed to help suppliers improve their understanding and communication with the nation’s independent convenience retailers.

The needs of independent retailers are evolving fast, so this series is designed to help you adapt your strategies for continued success.

Every other week we will focus on a specific topic designed to give you a brief insight into the newest trends in the sector, with a fortnightly news summary and analysis released in between to keep you up to date.

Series 1

Shortcast Series 1 | Part 1

We are launching a series of bite-sized podcasts, which are designed to help suppliers improve the way they communicate with the nation’s independent convenience retailers. This week, our Editor of Insight, Chris Dillon, highlights the some of the key changes and adjustments independent retailers have had to make in wake of the Coronavirus crisis.

Shortcast Series 1 | Part 2

This week Editor of Retail Express, Megan Humphrey, reviews and analyses the latest news stories affecting your independent retail customers and the convenience retail market.

Shortcast Series 1 | Part 3

In this week’s shortcast episode Jack Courtez, Editor of RN, dives into the issues independent retailers have faced since suppliers switched-off price-marking in April and the changes they have had to make in order to remain competitive.

Shortcast Series 1 | Part 4

This week is another fortnightly update presented by Megan Humphrey. Megan summarises, reviews and analyses the top news stories from over the last 2 weeks so that you can be kept up to date on the latest topics affecting the industry.

Shortcast Series 1 | Part 5

This week Priyanka Jethwa, Senior Features Writer for RN & Retail Express and Assistant Editor of Vape Retailer, takes a look at the outcomes and recent development the menthol ban has had on independent retailers since being introduced.

Shortcast Series 1 | Part 6

In the last episode of our shortcast series, Megan Humphrey provides us with another news roundup of the last two weeks. Taking us through the latest news stories emerging from the independent convenience retail market.

Series 2

Shortcast Series 2 | Part 1

Welcome to Series 2 of our shortcasts. In episode one, Chris Dillon provides us with a brief look at how the recent news of recession has impacted the convenience market. We will look at the immediate effects it has had on independent store owners as well as how promotional offers and PMPs are estimated to affect the way retailers do business moving forward.

Shortcast Series 2 | Part 2

Chris Dillon takes us through a brief look at what technologies are at the forefront of retailers’ minds. Find out more about how technology is becoming an increasing factor for store owners and what sort of support they are looking for.

Shortcast Series 2 | Part 3

In episode three of our second shortcast series, Priyanka Jethwa take us through the impact and most recent trends emerging from the tobacco sector 5 months on from the menthol ban being introduced. There are some interesting insights coming from retailers who have seen an uptake in sales of vapes and heated tobacco products as a result of the ban, but what more can be done by suppliers to help independent stores capitalise on these new behaviours and shopper patterns?

Shortcast Series 2 | Part 4

In the fourth episode of our latest shortcast series, Priyanka Jethwa gives us cause for excitement as she takes us through Christmas in convenience in 2020. As Priyanka explains, there are lots of new areas that both consumers and retailers are prioritising in 2020 with hygiene being one of the biggest factors alongside the demand for staple Christmas products. But what ranges and core lines are independent retailers likely to look at stocking more of in the upcoming festive season?

Shortcast Series 2 | Part 5

In the fifth episode of this shortcast series, Editor of Better Wholsaling, Paul Hill, takes us through the impact Coronavirus has had on mental health and wellbeing, specifically on wholesale employees. Following an in-depth investigation, it was discovered that mental health and stress were two of the biggest factors contributing to staff absences within most industries, including wholesale. So what can be done to help wholesalers and their staff members maintain a healthy mindset and reduced stress levels?

Shortcast Series 2 | Part 6

In the final episode of our second shortcast series, Head of Events, Samantha Gunston, takes us through some of the key insights she has discovered on her road trip up to Scotland as part of the IAA: Academy in Action mentoring programme. Sam was lucky enough to spend time with a number of independent retailers across the UK and discovered some important trends store owners have been experiencing throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.