How we helped:

Through our strong network of independent convenience retailers, we facilitated BrewDog to visit two shop owners to review their craft beer range and provide expert advice to help them raise awareness of the category and improve their sales.

The advice included stocking bestsellers, such as BrewDog’s ‘Lost Lager’, which is the stepping stone into craft beer, as well as including a wider range of formats, for example, BrewDog’s variety eight-pack, for customers who are looking to try something new.

The Result:

Over the six-week trial period, we helped BrewDog establish its position as market leaders in the craft beer category by sharing ways in which independent retailers can take advantage of the growing craft beer trend.

The advice and results of the project were covered in our industry-leading title Retail Express reaching a readership of over 40,000 independent retailers, helping establish BrewDog as market leaders in the craft beer category, and allowing retailers to capitalise on the emerging trend.

Both retailers saw sales of BrewDog products increase and an increased interest from their customers in the craft beer category as a whole:


I’m delighted with the 21.6% year-on-year overall beer sales increase, as well as how well BrewDog has sold due to the changes made by Jonny. I’ve realised how important it is that customers can shop the category easily and I’m thrilled they are responding positively to the changes. Punk IPA and Lost Lager have become strong sellers, and I plan to re-order both.” 

Tarsem Singh, The Pantry Convenience Store (Premier), Oswaldtwistle


“I really enjoyed being part of the project with BrewDog and being able to refresh our craft beer offering. It’s been great seeing shoppers notice the changes and I have encouraged new customers to try new products following the introduction of Lost Lager 10-pack and the eight-can selection pack. Due to the success of the trial and the new products, we plan on making Lost Lager a permanent fixture and I will definitely be keeping the changes.” 

Kelly Busby, Londis Seaborn Stores, Bare, Morecambe



Shoppers tend to look for brands they know and trust, so encouraging the retailers to stock recognisable brands like BrewDog has not only helped establish their stores as a craft beer destination by bringing in in new customers, but it has also helped raise BrewDog’s brand awareness and bolstered sales.


“It’s great to see the sales impact Kelly and Tarsem have had by following our advice on maximising the craft beer category. BrewDog has the highest brand recognition (21%) within craft beer, and the results from Kelly and Tarsem show that including some of the top craft beer lines in different formats can help drive new shoppers to the category, boosting sales.”

 Jonny Leece, Head of impluse, BrewDog 



A Newtrade Media project in association with BrewDog & SmithComm