How we helped:

We helped establish Alpro as the plant-based category leader and the go-to brand in the independent convenience channel by working in-store with two independent convenience retailers to share key category advice and insights to help them capitalise on the plant-based boom within their stores.

The advice included products the retailers should be stocking in their core range, such as Alpro’s bestselling lines (dairy-free alternatives and food-to-go), and how to merchandise them by grouping plant-based products together, and creating a well-signed plant-based section within their dairy fixtures.

The Result:

The project’s success was measured against an uplift in sales (over a six-week trial period) of Alpro’s bestselling products, this was achieved by ensuring the range was stocked and merchandised well in-store. 

These results were published as part of three features in our fortnightly publication Retail Express, which reaches an audience of over 40,000 convenience retailers, as well as via betterRetailing social media channels and our digital platform


“I’m happy with how the chiller looks, and I’m delighted it’s not just the Alpro products that have increased, but the chilled category as a whole. The Caffé Cup has been flying and the yoghurt alternatives are selling well. I’m really glad I followed Alpro’s advice – having a dedicated dairy-free zone has made it more visible as customers can see the products and navigate the fixture more easily.”

Jag Singh, Go Local Extra, Halifax


“I really enjoyed working with Alpro, and the improvements they’ve made have helped the plant-based category stand out. It’s been great seeing how a few tweaks have brought in a whole new catchment of customers. In fact, I’ve expanded the range further with the brand’s plant-based alternative to yoghurt with vanilla. I’m delighted with the sales increase – 137% is huge – especially with such a mixed customer base. I will definitely be keeping the changes.”

   Kesser Mahmood, Da shop, Stockport



“It’s great to see how following our advice on maximising the plant-based category has impacted Kesser and Jag’s sales. Alpro accounts for 64% of value sales in the impulse channel, and the results Kesser and Jag have seen show that grouping products and giving a fair share of space to plant-based products creates a one-stop shop and helps to boost sales.”

 Holly Bill, National account manager, Alpro


A Newtrade Media project in association with Alpro