How we helped:

Through our strong network of independent retailers, we introduced KP Snacks to two retailers looking to improve their CSN range over a six-week trial period, and to maximise the number of shopper missions. Along with our practical advice, and the expert advice from KP Snacks, both retailers were able to enhance their offering through merchandising KP Snacks’ bestselling lines in meal deal offers to create linked purchases and boost sales.

The Result:

The impact of changes made during the six-week trial period shows that including recognisable CSN brands like KP Snacks, in different formats such as price-marked packs (PMPs) can maximise promotional opportunities, including meal deals, to offer choice and value for customers, resulting in an increase in sales.


THE RESULT – CSN CATEGORY                                                 THE RESULT – NUTS ONLY


Following KP’s advice on offering more choice, blocking brands and creating secondary sitings to boost cross-category purchases – both retailers are predicting significant annual sales increases in the CSN category..

These results were published as part of three features in our fortnightly publication Retail Express, which reaches an audience of over 40,000 convenience retailers, as well as via betterRetailing social media channels and our digital platform


“We are very happy with the results of the trial, and multipacks, which now account for 4% of sales, have played a huge role in the success of our sales increase. We will continue to sell these as a permanent fixture. The merchandising changes have had a positive impact, especially placing nuts by the till. As a result, our nuts sales have increased significantly. The changes made by KP Snacks have made my fixture much more attention-grabbing.”

Arj Patel, Premier Cavendish Square, Swindon


“I’m delighted to see that our CSN sales have gone up so much across the category. Having the free-standing display unit at the till has really helped these sales. By taking part in the trial, a new dimension has been added to the fixtures and each zone and having healthier alternatives by the till have been a great hit. We’ve become a destination for KP Nuts and we will be keeping the changes made by KP Snacks.” 

Avtar Sidhu, St Johns Budgens, Kenilworth, Warwickshire



“The results Arj and Avtar have had by following our advice to capitalise on CSN are great to see. KP leads the category as the number one brand in nuts and is over four times bigger than the nearest branded competitor. The impact our changes have made shows that including recognisable CSN brands in different formats, like PMPs can boost sales significantly.”

Sandra Hall, Senior category manager, KP Snacks


A Newtrade Media project in association with KP Snacks