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Representative retailer panels

A new way to learn about retailer buying patterns, trends and perceptions while connecting engaged store owners with you and your brands.

More than half of all positions on supplier, symbol and trade group retailer panels are occupied by just 25 store owners.

London and the Midlands account for under 30% of UK convenience stores, but make up more than three quarters of the spaces held by the top 12. There are no women in the top 12, and only one woman in the top 25.

Of the 149 positions analysed, just 8% are held by women despite women accounting for 33% of all UK shop owners.

This has to change. Newtrade Insight can facilitate your supplier panel, hosting discussions with retailers and providing honest, confidential feedback. We are committed to championing rising stars in the industry, fresh new voices and ensuring all types of retailers are represented.

We can adjust the size of the group and frequency of the meetings to ensure it meets your goals.

Who is this for?

  • Leading FMCG suppliers who are looking for a diverse range of retailers voices
  • Challenger brands who are aiming to build ongoing relationships with engaged store owners
  • Suppliers who are aiming to launch in the convenience sector and want to get their offer right for independent store owners.

What do our customers think?

Stuart Greenfield

We worked with Newtrade Media to gain insight from six independent stores about the levels of crime they face as well as to provide best practice advice to these retailers.

We partnered with Newtrade because they understood the types of retailers we wanted to work with and were able to facilitate a great discussion.

As a result of partnering with Newtrade we've been able to do communicate the benefits of facial recognition directly to the convenience sector at a time when anti-social behaviour and store theft has seen a worrying increase during the pandemic. - Stuart Greenfield, PR and communications manager, Facewatch

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