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Supporting the retail community

Independent shops are the BEATING HEART of local life: welcoming hubs where you’re greeted by name and smiles come free with your groceries. A friendly “hello” goes a long way at the end of a tiring day. We’re driven by GENUINE CARE for these neighbourhood landmarks and a desire to see them succeed. For more than 130 years we’ve been listening to retailers’ concerns, writing about the things that matter most to them, and giving you, the suppliers, the chance to reach people interested in stocking your products.

It’s hard to imagine now, but in 1889 there were no newspapers for retailers. George Frederick Goulder changed that. He created the very first trade journal for newsagents—the Newsagents’ and Advertisers’ Record, the forerunner to our flagship title, RN. He helmed the paper for 53 years, through one and a half world wars, finally stepping down shortly before his death in 1942. He also set up the sector’s first union, giving independent newsagents much-needed representation. Goulder’s energy, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundations for Newtrade Media.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Parin Gohil

Managing Director

I’ve been working at Newtrade Media since 2016 – taking on the role of managing director in 2018. Whilst my background is in business and finance management, I’m incredibly passionate about helping independent retailers run more profitable businesses. The team at Newtrade Media are fantastic – their passion and energy show through their work every day, and I’m excited for the future of our company. Outside of work, my two small boys and Arsenal keep me busy!

Natalie Reeve

Head of Commercial

I am a creative thinker and lead our commercial team in consistently exploring opportunities for leading FMCG companies to engage with independent retailers and wholesalers across the UK and Ireland through Newtrade Media’s portfolio of products – print, digital, events and insight. I have been working with Newtrade Media for 3 years having previously headed up a media company in Europe for over 10 years. Outside of work, I am the lead singer in a rock and blues duo, a published author, a lifelong Tottenham Hotspur fan and a self-confessed chipaholic!

Kate Daw

Head of Marketing

I’ve been working at Newtrade Media for 9 years – with my role taking me from circulation to marketing. I love working out what makes our audience and customers tick and using our marketing campaigns to engage them with our products. Outside of work I enjoy running…sometimes for sport, but mainly after my two small children.

Louise Banham

Editor in chief

At Newtrade Media, we deliver stand-out editorial that helps independent retailers, wholesalers and our customers to run better, more successful businesses – and I’m proud to be leading the talented team behind it. When I’m not working, I spend a lot of my time performing in and watching musical theatre productions, and keeping my daughter entertained.

Luthfa Begum

Head of Digital

I joined the business at the start of 2022 bringing with me over 10 years’ experience as a digital publishing lead. Newtrade Media have a dynamic relationship with both independent retailers and wholesalers and it’s my job to reflect that throughout our digital portfolio. I’m kept busy scoping and developing the digital tools and services our audience rely on to run a competitive business. My offline activities include watching loud guitar bands and the odd poker game here and there.

What we do best

Continuing the tradition Goulder started, our team of 11 journalists tirelessly research, write and edit the articles and guides retailers and wholesalers turn to keep their edge. The same journalists are trusted by the UK’s top suppliers to deliver brand messages accurately, engagingly and on time.

Although suppliers have been using RN to create awareness since the first issue, standards of advertising have changed dramatically over the years. Looking back through old editions we see an ad barking “Sit down NOW and write us for terms,” and another declaring “If you cannot get it, it’s your own fault”. This subtle-as-a-sledge-hammer approach simply doesn’t work today. Thankfully, we know what does.

The modern world of retail is very different to the one Goulder knew—hunched over his typewriter composing articles by lamplight—but the values he embodied inform all our work. Combined with 21st-century marketing panache, we put them into practice every day. So now we look to the future. What can you expect from a partnership with Newtrade Media? The opportunity to make a splash with your next campaign, definitely. But also, vitally, to keep local shops and communities flourishing for many years to come.

Join the team

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