Chillers and arson are the main causes, behind more than half of all fires in independent stores. While suppliers can’t help as much with the latter – manufacturers operating in the chilled, soft drinks and frozen categories have a responsibility to make sure their products are being sold safely. Being aware of the issue and providing your field sales team with some basic tips to pass on is a great way to win retailers’ hearts and minds. 

Based on an RN investigation, this report uncovers the scale of the issue and explains how suppliers can help.


food retailers suffer serious fires each year


of fires are caused by chillers


of deliberate fires in food retailers take place in independent stores

Key questions answered:

  • What is the scale of the issue of fires in independent convenience stores?
  • How can suppliers help keep retailers safe? 
  • Which types of stores are most affected by fires? 
  • How does warmer weather affect the number of fires in convenience stores?