But as restrictions continue to lift, local stores will have to fight to maintain that reputation. 

New products are critical to this, but the attributes that retailers are looking for when stocking a new launch is changing. Financial pressures and evolving shopper demands are shaping what they are now expecting from suppliers.  

This report explains the things that manufacturers should do to ensure new products land on shelves and join retailers’ core ranges in the long-term. We also speak to 500 convenience shoppers to find out what they are looking for from their local stores.

Sample size: 

194 independent convenience retailers representing 226 shops

500 convenience shoppers commissioned by Newtrade Insight & provided by KAM Media

Sales data from 3,451 shops provided by The Retail Data Partnership


of retailers say they always look out for new products


intend to stock more new products this year than they did last year


of retailers trial new products for a set period of time and then review

Key questions answered:

  • What do retailers look for when they are considering stocking a new product?
  • How can suppliers ensure launches become part of retailers’ core ranges?
  • How do retailers approach new products across different categories?
  • What do convenience shoppers expect from launches?
  • Are PMPs still important when launching new products?
  • What is the ‘silver bullet’ for retailers when it comes to launching new products?
  • PLUS: Four case studies of successful launches and why retailers believed they worked.