This report looks at what customers and retailers need from suppliers as they seek to grow their business in the months ahead. As the country emerges optimistically from what was hopefully the worst of the pandemic, we explore how customer behaviour changed and will change yet further in the aftermath.

The data from the report shapes our take on what retailers want and need from suppliers to make their stores successful in a post-pandemic world. The report is comprised of key topics that will help support suppliers to make informed decisions when it comes to working with independent retailers.

Data from 204 unaffiliated independent and symbol convenience store retailers, representing 249 stores, and 500 UK convenience shoppers.


of retailers agree that their customers are buying a broader range of products in their store vs pre-pandemic.


of shoppers are spending more in convenience stores now


of retailers say they will be investing more on store refits and equipment

Key questions answered:

The main challenges retailers face that suppliers can help them with

What would make retailers more likely to work with a supplier

The core categories for independent retailers in the immediate future

How suppliers can optimise their communications with independent retailers

Retailer expectations for product pricing, promotions and PMPs

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