In partnership with KAM Media, Newtrade Media has developed a detailed and insightful report to help suppliers improve their relationships with independent retailers.

The report takes a deep dive into what retailers’ biggest challenges are as we emerge from lockdown. It explains what suppliers need to do to better meet their needs, win listings for NPD and drive sales through their stores.

Topics covered in the report:

  • The best methods and times to communicate with independent retailers
  • The challenges that retailers now face and how suppliers can help them
  • What makes retailers choose to work with one supplier over another
  • How retailer behaviours have changed since the start of lockdown with regards to range, promotions, displays and in-store environment
  • What makes a retailer stock a new product

Gain an advantage of the rest of the market with exclusive access to insight and knowledge only accessible in this report. To order your copy please complete the form or email Chris Dillon.